(bis) oficina de proyectos
Cali, Colombia

Derechos, first exhibition of Jaime Gili at (bis) in Colombia’s second city, Cali, continues the work started the previous year in ‘Ornament and Barricade’ on the speed and pace of painting as incompatible with the speed and pace of current affairs as we consume them and therefore, the uncomfortable ways in which those may or may not enter the work.

From Juan Cárdenas’ text on the work: “Sometimes I would like to be able to go beyond, to see what’s on the other side. But the barricade, far from being a flat barrier, is in fact a complex chamber. Of course it is also a surface, a wall in front of your eyes, an unsurmountable obstacle that cannot even be circumvented. However its surface has a unique characteristic, it can be penetrated...”

+ PDF: Juan Cárdenas text and press release of the exhibition (EN) (ES)
+ LINK: (bis)