Espacio Monitor
Curated by Sigfredo Chacón and Héctor Fuenmayor
Text by Ariel Jiménez

CONTRALAPARED was an enormously successful show of large-scale, site-specific works by eight contemporary Venezuelan artists. Over 10,000 people visited the exhibition at Espacio Monitor, one of the largest private galleries in Caracas. Each artists was given a purposely designed section of the space, devised by Lilian Malavé. Each artist then worked within it, in some cases also considering the other contributions. A limited edition catalogue, signed by all artists, and designed by award winning Venezuelan master Álvaro Sotillo, was published.

In Gili’s case, the artist had a plan in mind for the mural, which would allow the final work to reflect the potential difficulties encountered to realise it. For example, even though the brighter colours were brought with him from abroad, the darker colours had to be made on site with whatever dark colours could be found in the city, not an easy task, given the hard times Venezuela was traversing economically in those years. Finally a leftover purple from an abandoned shop was used, and mixed with black ink to make an interesting black. Likewise, the unfinished, albeit balanced areas of his mural signal the beauty of a forced economy of means, subtly blending with other works on show.

+ PDF: Text by Ariel Jiménez